Markets Fluctuate

Life is stressful. Investing needn’t be.

DSP Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund - The simple way to deal with market ups and downs

DSP Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (DAAF)

DSP DAAF is an all-weather product meant for both first timers as well as experienced investors. It invests in equity & debt instruments to help investors take advantage of changing market conditions by dynamically adjusting the asset allocation between the two.

Why Invest in DSP Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund?

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Who Should Invest In DSP DAAF?

  • First-Timer

    Those who want to invest but don’t know how to begin

  • Experienced

    Those who realize rules can help set appropriate asset allocation according to changing markets

  • Uncertain

    Those who get confused by all the noise during market fluctuations

  • Long-Termer

    Those thinking about the bigger picture, willing to invest for 7 years or more

  • Resolute

    Those who can remain patient & unemotional even in short term uncertainty

Before You Invest In Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds

  • This fund WILL NOT help you get rich quick. Invest with a long term (7 yr+) horizon

  • This fund WILL NOT eliminate market ups & downs

  • This fund WILL NOT help you time the markets

  • This fund WILL NOT deliver the highest returns possible at all times

  • This fund MAY UNDERPERFORM the equity market during sudden bull-runs

  • Invest only IF YOU BELIEVE in this fund.

What Experts Say

For Experienced Investors

*From the study titled “Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update”, by Gary P. Brinson, Gilbert L. Beebower in “Financial Analysts Journal” in 1991 **Source Internal. Past performance may or may not sustain in future and should not be used as a basis for comparison with other investments. These figures pertain to performance of the model and do not in any manner indicate the returns/performance of the Scheme. For Product Labelling and other Disclaimers, click here.It is not possible to invest directly in an Index.